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Welcome to the
Human-Animal-Machine Exhibition
hosted at the
Ecological Gardens of the Technion  

The projects presented in the exhibition were developed as part of the course Humaan-Animal-Machine, which deals with the relationship between humans, animals and technology. They address two main topics: the ecosystems of dead trees, and bird-drone interactions. Via installations, artefacts, interfaces and scenarios, the projects challenge the boundaries between human and animal, natural and artificial, living and dead, nature and culture, and offer new perspectives on the role of design in the Anthropocene.   

Projects by
Georgina Dahabreh | Ibrahim Khamis | Samara Abu Ghanam | Yoav Dabas | Alon Nisan | Amit Aidlin | Arch. Surayyn Uthaya Selvan | Arch. Avraham Cohen | Dafna Galeen | Shelly Boneh | Yaara Sadetzki | Yuval Malchi | David Keselman | Noam Galey-Yam | Omer Ittah | Asaf Ohana | Shada Naseraldin

Course lead
Dr Daniel Metcalfe

Special thanks to

Hanoch Rappaport and Michel David for their guidance in developing the projects

design by: Rotem Tvizer
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